nash grier is crying and justin bieber almost got punched by orlando bloom what a time to be alive



People know that it’s okay to just write the character’s name, right? It’s less annoying than constantly reading things like ‘the smaller man’, ‘the white haired boy’, ‘their female companion’, and ‘the bluenette’.

they’re called “Epithets” and they’re the work of satan, probably

so I went out for 1 comic and got 5 (oops!). all of them were pretty good. wellll the (untitled) x-men one (idk the number but emma’s in a straight jacket) was meh, but the rest were good. fave being A+X #2 (so many faves in one comic. although comic!tony is still painfully a dick)

I didn’t realise there are people disappointed about the fact harley’s relationship with the joker ended in the New 52??? and/or get mad when she wasn’t “loyal” before the end when she’s the victim in this abusive relationship. even going so far as saying she can’t be the clown princess of crime without the joker. what the fuck??